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For many years, crystal tableware has been a symbol of prosperity, luxury and stability. Exquisite crystal wine glasses and salad bowls were in great demand, they could be seen at social receptions and soirees. During the Soviet Union, dishes made of such a material in abundance occupied the shelves of the sideboards, glittering with facets in the light of chandeliers. Today, such popularity has remained in the past, but nevertheless there are crystal dishes in every home. Crystal is nothing but one of the types of glass aleks-crystal.com.

For the first time, the technology of its production was mastered by George Ravenscroft in the XVII century. Due to the fact that lead was added to ordinary glass, the material was able to play with light, that is, the edges of the resulting dishes shimmered and shone both in artificial and natural light. In addition, diamond facets are often added to the crystal, which allows the dishes to gain additional strength. Very often you can find decorated crystal dishes. The most popular technique is the application of golden patterns, for which gold foil is usually used. Etching also looks quite interesting, allowing the material to get a beautiful, rich shine.

And also masters can mat crystal using sharp-grained sand. In addition, many people believe that it is more pleasant to drink from such dishes than from glass, since drinks remain cool much longer, and this lifts the mood and calms down. But in any case, it is not worth hoping to get any significant benefit from crystal dishes. But the harm of fine dishes should still be mentioned. The crystal contains lead, which does not have a very good effect on the body. But not everything is so terrible. The fact is that due to the hardness of the crystal, lead simply will not have time to get into a dish or drink in a few hours. You will need to keep food in such dishes for several days so that harmful impurities finally "come to the surface". But even then, poisoning is unlikely to follow, since lead tends to accumulate in the body and does not act immediately.


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